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Peridot Gem Stones Description:

Peridot is an ancient, widely known gemstone with jewelry pieces dating back to the Pharaohs in Egypt. Peridot is a semi-precious gemstone of the olivine mineral family. The name “Peridot” originated from the Arabic word faridat, meaning “gem,” or “pæderot” in Latin, expecting “a kind of opal.” Depending on the quantity of iron, the peridot color varies from yellow to olive- to brownish-green. It is the traditional birthstone for August-born. Peridot is also called “Evening Emerald” because of its shimmering color even under artificial lighting; It is both a day stone and a night stone.

General Information:

A variety or type of: Fayalite, Forsterite
Other Names Olivine
Chemical Formula (Mg, Fe)2 SiO4
Lustre Vitreous, Greasy
Mohs Hardness 6.5 to 7
Specific Gravity 3.27 to 3.48
Fracture Conchoidal
Inclusions in Peridot Disk-like “lily pad,” black chromite octahedrons, glassy rounded drops.

Discoidal cracks often have a dark chromite crystal at the center, needle-like inclusions, healing cracks, and minute fluid droplets.

Crystallography of Peridot

Crystal System Orthorhombic
Habit Short, Compact Prisms, Vertically Striated

Peridot Color:

Peridot’s color varies from pure green to yellowish-green to greenish-yellow. The most exquisite hue is green without any trace of brown or yellow. The stone colors tend to be at their best in stones weighing ten carats and above. Pure green stones are scare, and most peridots are more yellowish-green. The higher-quality gems have an intense color. Most of the gems with the finest color come from Pakistan.

Color Green, Yellow-green, Brown-green
Transparency Transparent

Peridot Clarity:

Most of the high-grade quality, calibrated, and larger pieces on the market have no eye-visible inclusions. Other inclusions obvious in peridot are reflective, disk-shaped inclusions, also called “lily pads.” Easily visible inclusions, particularly the dark spots, lower the rate of peridot. There’s a dramatic dip in value for light-colored material with obvious dark inclusions.

Peridot Cut:

As with all facet grade stones, the cutter’s skill makes a huge difference in the polished product. Someone who knows how to maximize light while evading large dull windows in the stones will craft a much higher quality stone with the same rough as someone who is new and still learning this craft. Peridot is cut in a comprehensive variety of shapes and cutting styles. Which includes all the standard gem shapes such as the oval, pear, round, marquise, triangle, and cushion shapes. Cutting styles are also well designed. Step cuts with concentric rows of identical facets, Brilliant cuts with triangular and kite-shaped facets, and mixed cuts usually consisting of step-cut pavilions and brilliant-cut crowns are all normal. Designer cuts modeled by hand and machine are popular, as well as beads, cabochons, and carvings.

Peridot Carat:

Standard peridot cuts for the jewelry industry include a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The gem is inexpensive in smaller sizes, but prices rise for gems above 10×8 mm. The finest large peridots come from Myanmar and, more recently, from a source high in the Himalayas of Pakistan.

Below table shows the heaviest and the lightest peridot ever recorded

Lightest (faceted) 0.25 cts
Heaviest (faceted) 311.78 cts

Peridot Localities:

Enormous deposits of peridot are located worldwide; some of the documented deposits are followed!

Country Mines
China Jiaohe peridot deposit
Egypt St John’s Island
Ethiopia Megado-Mega area
Kyrgyzstan Dolon paleovalley
Myanmar Mogok Township, Le-taw, Panlin, Myasein Taung
Norway Gusdal Olivine Pit
Pakistan Sapat Gali
Sri Lanka Gem gravels
USA Peridot Mesa

Peridot Associations:

Chakras Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Birthstone August
Zodiac Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Anniversary 16th
Planet Mercury

Healing Properties of Peridot:

Cleanser, Comfort, Communication, Healing, Good Health, Growth, Intuition, Promote Intelligence, Purification, Renewal, Relaxation

  • Peridot neutralizes toxins on all levels because of its cleansing attribute.
  • It exposes our hearts to joy and new relationships by reducing irritation, jealousy, and bitterness.
  • It opens and sharpens the mind to new levels of awareness by enhancing confidence, and motivation to change.
  • It makes you more responsible and enables you to take accountability for your own life.
  • Peridot strengthens the human immune system, metabolism, and benefits the skin.
  • It aids disorders of the heart, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, and intestinal tract.
  • Astrologists recommend peridot for promoting intelligence, communication skills, and good health.

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